Air Car Big Shake

Air Vehicle Big Shake

Changan Automotive Group brand-new big shake-up action is launched, on January 5, 6, 2 days, the new president of Changan Automotive Group, Party Secretary Xu Ping has got to remain Hafei, Changhe vehicle appointed head of two companies, which the brand new Changan Automotive Group, Team Leader in Hafei Hafei WU Xue-song features became president and general supervisor, the newest first vice-president of Changan Automotive Group, Changhe vehicle Zou than just about any chairman.

Hafei Hafei vehicle executives decided the original chairman of Du Yi became deputy basic manager of Chongqing Changan Automobile

Brand new Changan Automotive Group, Team Leader in Hafei Hafei WU Xue-song features became president and general manager, Hafei performing Group had been two other staff members became deputy general manager and chief accountant Hafei Auto, the original Hardy Flying car ended up being promoted to vice-president of Campion Hafei celebration assistant, the former president and basic supervisor Hafei first Hafei Du Yi and celebration assistant, vice-chairman Guo-chun transferred to Chongqing Changan vehicle served.

Former senior division of Air toward auto Sina said the appointment of appropriate personnel positions is launched on January 5, the new Changan Automotive Group is not a reason in the changes in the tasks, Du Yi, and Guo-chun go by the Chongqing Changan vehicle any temporary staff unclear, Hafei vehicle Group other people were not affected the personnel modifications, Campion will soon act as vice chairman jobs Hafei.

New Changan Automobile Group insider informed the author, January 5, Group President of Ping Xu left-hand to modify the management staff that Hafei list: former chairman and basic manager Hafei vehicle Du Yi will assume the deputy basic manager of Chongqing Changan vehicle the initial Hafei party secretary, vice-chairman Guo-chun as assistant basic supervisor of Chongqing Changan Automobile, the “new management team Changan Group for stability considerations, just a limited adjustment of some men and women, this modification we entirely from the passions of Hafei Automobile Group . “

Previously, Xu Ping must stay static in Changhe and Hafei has recommended “six fairly steady”: the members of the management teams tend to be relatively steady, relatively steady middle-level cadres, the employees is fairly steady, fairly stable income, provider system is fairly stable, fairly stable brand channel .

In addition monthly ago, Sina automobile has actually only 40 times Interview with former business mind of Du Hafei Yi, he has got stated should conduct a thorough Hafei reform, changes in the positioning is quite amazed.

I realize that the initial charge of Changan Automobile in Chongqing Changan Auto shares international business after vice-president WU Xue-song Changan Automotive Group features entered a management staff, the inaugural Hafei WU Xue-song, Chairman and General management, marks remaining by Xu Chang degree as the new agent of conclusion regarding the Air Group’s Hafei complete control.

Hafei’s standard strengths have been around in the micro-car area after Hafei Chang hopes to help micro-surface production line Changan Star series designs, which are micro-car system Chang’an core products, but sales in 2010 to quickly attain Hafei high, a little face products carried out well, if you want produce to offer Changan Star Game will be the field, the career modification indicates Chongqing Changan triumph.

On January 5 Nisshin Changan Automotive Group, Hafei Automobile Group appointed administration group completed significantly less than twenty four hours, at 19:30 on the on 6th, the brand new president of Changan Automotive Group, celebration Secretary Xu stay flat, announced initial brand new Changan Automotive Group Zou, vice president than just about any of Changhe Automobile chairman; brand new Changan Automotive Group, deputy mind for the performing Group in Changhe Changhe Li Li as General management; brand new Changan Automotive Group as Senior Finance management Zhou Jiangzhen Changhe vehicle chief accountant. Shi-Ning Zhou Changhe Automobile

administration settled up inside aviation business

Changhe vehicle certain level verified the headlines, saying the former general supervisor of Shi-Ning Zhou Changhe Auto would be used in Asia Aviation business Group, at this time Zhou Shining remains the deputy general supervisor of Asia Aviation Motor business; Hefei Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd. part-time president regarding the Zou Chao; previous vice-president Tan Zhenhua as Hefei Changhe Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd. General Manager; Hefei Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd. had been called celebration secretary general supervisor; Changhe no other administration modifications.

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