First Kelon: Air

Very First Kelon: Air

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Huang Pu Town individuals Government jointly hosted this year’s springtime

Zhongshan tiny devices Fair

, On March 20, 2009?? 22 Huang Pu in Zhongshan City, the Global Exhibition Center grand orifice, HC residence network for the whole program about this report.



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Small appliances

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During event, exhibitors of many popular

Tiny devices

HC home based business community studio visitor speak about their particular feelings about playing this event. The following could be the very first vice-president of Kelon Electrical Chen new interview:

Chair: HC Power people residence makers and dealers buddies Hello everybody! Where our company is today house from HC network and Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City People’s Government jointly hosted the 2009 small home appliances exchange fair site, we are fortunate enough to go to the initial deputy general supervisor of Kelon, Mr. Chen Guoxin, President Chen hi ! To start with, to your buddies at the camera to share with you our company.

Chen new: Our company is skilled to complete


, And you will find rice cookers,


These tiny kitchen appliances, starts a factory has many years, the power normally great, is much more well-known for a company.

Moderator: we’re undoubtedly floating around this situation for many years, now to participate in the program everything we experience HC?

Chen brand-new: I however feel great, including our wide selection of events every year to participate, i’m good HC, like the movement of men and women because of the last proportion is a lot more than this past year, definitely, our company is here, is simply another hot spot, as though no rival, without a doubt, in this way, we still leading (floating around part).

Number: you might be current exhibition is unique, and our products through last day’s the exhibition, how the scenario like? Orders haven’t been achieved, is there some purpose to customers?

Chen brand-new: on the spot repayment of more than 100 homes around and extremely personally i think this tv show gives us a light company training.

Moderator: this season, we now have some new products to start, we have taken to be involved in the show?

Chan Kwok: Yes, we now have just two designs last year, in 2010 we established the 3.

Host: what exactly is it mainly?

Chen brand-new: this is certainly air-conditioning fan, from the buyer’s point is one-stop



Moderator: that’s extremely effective, we focus on air-con numerous many years, including this present year’s financial environment is unique, especially that individuals have inked export business can be suffering from financial crisis, what exactly are our reactions?

Chen new: the field of overall economy, therefore we export a good influence in that regard, our company is today more an economic crisis harder, difficult time consider provinces, we’re simply the provincial shops, to match the we the has additionally been among the reputation, has also been sold, therefore, the crisis is opportunity, I feel undoubtedly a good possibility.

Moderator: which doing the domestic market this present year is supposed to be great leads for development, appropriate?

Chen brand new: According to my planning and calculation, is last year’s 6? 8 times that of domestic sales, but exports is just a little less than this past year, but we are spending so much time to open up up overseas markets.

Moderator: So we need certainly to add area for domestic product sales to export?

Chen brand new: above, over plenty.

Moderator: that’s our domestic marketplace this present year, or fine.

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