Special Air

Specialized Air

With the coming of spring, a round of air-conditioning product sales boom has started. But with all the frequency in recent years, Digital, oxygen bar, two high efficiency, water retaining oxygen, and lots of new ideas truth be told there, probably many consumers would be more confused, i actually do maybe not understand the selected. Within dilemma of air-conditioning evaluation, we picked 10 forms of air-conditioning to introduce you to their own faculties, by unique invitation in the money features 48 shops in method and large electric trade Headquarters Deputy Director, Air Division, Minister Yang Jun to how recommended air-conditioning.

“before you go to buy air-conditioning, you really need to initially pay attention to two dilemmas: first, select a regular chain store being make sure the top-notch ac; 2nd, pick an expert to install air-conditioning brand, most likely, air-conditioning business jargon saying “Three quality, seven set up.” professional installation staff when it comes to life and stability of air-conditioning plays a crucial role. much more than two points obvious, we ought to look closely at here four actions from acquisition of air-conditioning:

First step: an obvious brand, based on their tastes and brand understanding objectives established brand name. Second step: Identify the number of ponies on Purchasing Guide detailed description of the section of unique room, area with a high, toward, etc., in order to recommend proper Purchasing Guide air-conditioning designs. Third step: understand the functions, is discovered from the Purchasing Guide, in which frequency, electronic, oxygen bar, double-efficient, water preserving healthcare, air, air-conditioning of a fresh idea, to be able to select features for very own good air cooling. Fourth step: Make sure to buy, you purchased the certain brand designs, the buying Guide will leave you with step-by-step set up information, reported into factory installed community, you want at home and await producers of professional and technical personnel for your home solutions. “

Kelong Wang K6KFR-35GW/S3F double effect highlight cutting-edge energy-saving distinguished

Part quantity: Large 1.5 :18-Thirty square meters for location Refrigeration / temperature EER: 4.2/4.5

The king of luxury double-effect number of energy-saving double-effect of the king had been more enhanced, not just 3U has a strong technical support, additionally extremely efficient operation making use of imported compressors, energy is more powerful, lower power consumption . Folded hydrophilic aluminum foil, quality inner grooved copper pipe and double-bridge processor chip’s temperature transfer performance will be enhanced by 35%, compared to normal air-con energy preservation about 30per cent. To advance reduce steadily the king of double-effect noise, Kelon is certainly not offset by a tubular wind wheel, may be ultra-quiet procedure. Additionally optimized air duct design, to ensure air duct associated with curve is more mild, effective way to eradicate air duct sound. Also done regarding the system general pipeline optimization, reducing device vibration and produce a far more quiet living room.

Beauty KF-23GW/DUY-V thoughtful and efficient air conditioning

Piece quantity: 1.0 Application location: energy efficiency proportion of 10 to 17 square yards

(air conditioning) / (heating): 3.45/3.75

Optimal design of efficient air flow, high effectiveness Si Zhe evaporator patented technology, the intercontinental popular brands outside and inside the engine effectiveness, efficient compressor strong combination comprises KF-23GW/DUY-V efficient coolant system. Wind, reduced noise, run-time launch of all power, even more energy efficient machine operation. Recognized by america at national laboratory tests, preserving around 30per cent. Unique functions air conditioning mold, drying out off following the water remaining inside your home, environment healthy and odor. Enable individual “independent wellness design to 1 more home air cleaner, several infectious diseases for the springtime in autumn, 365 days can be as partners with wellness. Ac filters regarding the left in the home in the interior of formaldehyde, B formaldehyde, acetic acid, ammonia has a stronger filtering effect.

Sized expert customer ideas: this year the usa out of the air-conditioning air cooling brand new in appearance offers a fresh experience, quick, fresh and filled up with beautiful shade with the Smart. Bright flat shell to restore the traditional design, deluxe manner. On address

Liquid crystal Display exquisitely, more delicate, with the device’s sleek design, harmony of shade and stylish unabated.

LG Gemini LP-R6012NA twin compressor design of energy preservation

Part number: 2.5 Application location: (cold) 36-42 square yards (heat) 32-38 square yards

Refrigeration / temperature energy efficiency proportion: 2.7 / 3

This can be an extremely good LG Guiji, panel a number of colors, to fit a number of home improvement. But not a variable regularity air-con, but with a more unique double compressor design. LG development created twin compressor air conditioning compressor conventional single-core divided into two and a tiny compressor energy at different heat environment, immediately go for 1 or 2 while operating to be able to control use, when background heat and ready heat heat hours, only one low-power compressor work, to save battery power. In addition the atmosphere conditioner has an advanced plasma air purifier with ultraviolet disinfection and oxygen club function, it is possible to better cleanse the interior environment. Plasma air purification unit, the entire environment purification technology with progressive phase filter. First of all, anti-bacterial air conditioner filter through the adsorption of biological micro-organisms dust, after that purified plasma filter, and then by adsorption to electrostatic dirt filter, and lastly purified by Photocatalyst network, effortlessly get rid of the harmful substances floating around.

Oaks liquid maintaining moist environment oxygen P1 sets KFR-51LW/P1 easy to enjoy

Section quantity: 2 Application area (square meters) :25-34 EER: 2.6/3.1

“Water maintaining oxygen” a number of air-conditioning smashed the domestic air-conditioning by-water, oxygen functional standing of an individual run, will increase water and oxygen tend to be naturally combined to efficiently improve indoor humidity will fit damp atmosphere on public. This variety of air-conditioning usage “absolute humidity” therefore the “negative ion generation technology”, the interior environment fresh and pleasant. It is fully automated electric PTC auxiliary heating technology, can quickly include calories, enhance wintertime heating capacity. Cikuan bedroom ice box is a good healthier option. Special water humidification system that makes use of the Japanese runner moisture from atmosphere 20 levels below zero moisture consumption, high-speed operation associated with the wheel, the wet air into interior and enhance indoor air moisture, more comfortable, healthy. With good dust filter, the efficient adsorption, filter interior dust, enjoy neat and healthy atmosphere. Also, which air-conditioning usage wide-angle three-dimensional man air supply design, horizontal and vertical setup various lead fan engine drive, correspondingly, may be

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