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Conflicts have been started, a myriad of new services, new service guarantees dazzling propaganda. Nevertheless the reporters found that men and women in


The mistaken look when air-conditioning, should be addressed.

Ignored energy efficiency isn’t a misunderstanding accounts to save cash

Implemented because the nationwide standards for energy efficiency, people buy air-conditioning products after the products have energy efficiency as


The determining factor.

Five Star

Lee Air Ministry the same brand same kind of air conditioning, because energy savings associated with various prices are four or five hundred bucks distinction. As different households utilize different frequencies for air-conditioning, in line with nationwide energy savings standards inside purchase of services and products underneath the premise of clever range of different energy savings of air cooling became a significant skills, such as for example buying services and products with a high energy savings ratio, although greater prices but very carefully, with additional calculations, the employment may save your self more cash.

To a domestic brand to produce a comparison of two services and products, two several types of air-conditioning, energy savings ratio were 3.42 and 2.92, respectively, the input energy is 760 watts and 890 watts, the price difference is about 500 yuan . Utilize 100 days annually, 12 hours per day, 0.55 yuan per kWh electrical energy operator, then the 12 months can save electrical energy: (890-760) × 12 × 100 × 0.55 ÷ 1000 = 85. 8 yuan, air-conditioning is normally 6-8 several years of life, the total cost savings in electrical energy could -686.4 514.8 yuan every. But some households one 12 months prior to the hottest hours of air conditioning units, it is really not necessary to choose a high energy savings of products.

Mistakes are based on two bolts beneath the quantity

Customers buying environment time is the most usually expected word “air-conditioning cooling completely good,” in reality cooling result is great or bad, in addition to the top-notch atmosphere it self, but also by the area’s actual usage of room, environment and facilities,


Design choices. In accordance with the measurements of homes, customers can depend on 100-130 watts per square meter of housing location per hour, subject, select the proper air-conditioned area. General home refrigeration and air cooling for a 12-square-meter room, a home heating air-con for the 10-square-meter room; air conditioning is 1.5 the 20 square meter air-conditioned areas, home heating to be 1.5 air cooling ponies for 16 square meters room.

However, size alone is not sufficient housing, consumers should carefully start thinking about when to buy air-conditioning other environmental factors, such as for instance housing, good or bad thermal insulation, closing it really, screen size and orientation, whether sunlight roof, etc..

Mistakes three brand new notion of blind obedience to



Air-con producers in an ever more competitive market circumstance, one after another in a variety of concepts, terminology made a large fuss,




Propaganda cover the whole marketplace. These are called manufacturers of large value-added items inside cost of your normally than ordinary air conditioning.

Decreased air-conditioning because of wellness criteria

, air cooling producers whether their particular value-added information beyond the standard challenging state. When customers buy air-conditioning is taken into consideration the economic price and their ability purchasing or spend a bunch of “fancy” functions, very little useful.

Four Errors

brand name, price is perhaps not re-installed

Purchase atmosphere time, customers value brand, energy savings as well as other aspects, are generally more worried about perhaps the inexpensive price, but couple of use the initiative to ask during the time of buy and installation of ac circumstance. Presently on the market outside of the set up team comprises of


And organizations install their own ranks. Outsourcing is the so-called air-conditioning set up work to a number of “guerrilla”, versus some merchants launched stringent installation specs, with a specialist set up staff.

Consumers buying air conditioning prior to, pay attention to understand whether discover a rigid business set up specification, installation personnel tend to be adequate, in terms of possible to reputable businesses to avoid conflicts.

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