Central Air

Central Air
Preface Before main air conditioning are utilized in resorts, company buildings and other places, equipped with main air-conditioning of high-grade office space can be a reference to the general area shared equally by warming to get central air-conditioning fees, metering costs is not therefore hot and cool cause businesses to pay for interest; 2000 effect on October 1 utilization of the “Energy conservation management provisions” obviously required “metering, adjustable rate charging.” Before the past two years, the appropriate state departments in the three north areas heating metering and charging just stimulate domestic companies calorimeter roentgen & D, manufacturing. Because of the current economic development and improvement of residing criteria, large-scale central air conditioners in to the homes of ordinary men and women, for that reason, as a high-end consumer goods, measured within central air-conditioning charge is indisputable undeniable fact that need of domestic companies are a number of the appropriate main air cooling calculated fee product development and production.

Domestic market, the main ac air conditioning power dimension services and products is typically divided in to two schools: , the initial legislation of thermodynamics (power = flow price × temperature difference) could be the theoretical foundation of “heat meter” mode; , to ( energy = energy × time) when it comes to theoretical foundation of “time bookkeeping” model; In either mode can in theory attain the central air-conditioning metering, in accordance with the amount recharged, but users need to pay interest into the choice of the annotated following:

Legitimacy: 1, identification items, “form of calculating devices of ratification”, under “Measurement Act Rules” states: “particular measuring devices of ratification” would be to figure out the measurement of item programs (range) associated with the authorized documents. Can’t hold “water meter” and “type of calculating tools of ratification” determine gas usage!

2, the recognition supplied by the company “manufacturing measuring instruments”, the logo design is allowed to produce its items, product sales of approved documents. In accordance with “Measuring Law” and “Rules for Implementation of measurement”, perhaps not “manufacture measuring devices” cannot permit the dimension of item manufacturing, sales and use, so the use of these types of doesn’t “manufacture calculating instruments” measurement items dimension results will never be acknowledged, in addition usually do not “permit fees.” Complex calculating tools to have a general “manufacturing measuring tools”: If the heat meter by a meter, Temperature Sensor And power calculator of three components, as well as the three components of temperature yards are calculating instruments themselves, have their very own split running time “manufacturing measuring tools”, this can not replace the calorimeter in general “measuring tools production license card “; Similarly, the” time payment “model typically have the meter and meter-reading methods (including repeaters, number and billing software), made up of two parts, both are considered area of the exact same measuring equipment, have their very own individual undertakings “manufacturing measuring devices”, this doesn’t replace the central air cooling price of “manufacturing measuring devices”; that elements try not to necessarily skilled to make qualified items! Therefore, the designer must open wide a pair of “eye”, also those low-quality counterfeits switched away.

3, the recognition given by producer, “gauging Instruments Inspection Report” regarding the content is calculated by the national certification bodies associated with measure and whether items go the test of content of analysis results.

  If these documents are partial, it is recommended not to utilize, to be able to stay away from unnecessary difficulty

Reliability: main environment metering and charging is an innovative new technology, involving many areas of people. Offer the technology or gear businesses vary greatly, its unavoidable some of the immature technology or gear to sell to developers, causes the utilization of home administration, resulting in inaccurate data, open the ineffective, ineffective along with other issues, such as quick in a few vendors fan coil thermostat to attach a “time” feature that it’s the “time payment” system, in fact, there could be no these types of Mengren product “manufacturing calculating instruments,” as it steps enough time the switch opens, try not to ought to be the running time of the main air-conditioning fan coil, fan coil central ac is more than “effective” working time; also boasts a few of the power dimension accuracy, simply how much, in reality, residing life as a central air-conditioning fees and in the proportion of cost of living tiny, building temperature reduction as well as the basic expenses shared similarly unbalanced error much better than the dimension precision of the very own, like a taxi meter rather than by use according to meters kilometers of cost fees, since the cost measurement precision and measurement item must match the social expenses, the pursuit of large precision as configured mature technology, in the end, powerful, and dependable dimension information is one of the keys!

Practicality: With main air-con price is bound to boost housing costs, these prices are finally borne by consumers. Although some technical theory is great, but high priced, or future utilization of the high costs or large upkeep costs, the application of these technologies must certanly be much more through the cost-effective, multi-bearing capability from the customer to take into account, have a look at whether it is necessary. If you don the advertising of low to induce designers to hook the business enterprise, but should know. And scalability for advanced reduced costs, decreased financial investment normally really required to avoid duplication of investment and several investors. Digital technology development results, involving almost Home The lives of most content, but proceed from truth, main air-conditioning should-be used calculating instruments would be the many affordable & most practical technology.

Special Reminder: Calorimeter metering and asking for the existence of criteria for central air-conditioning bottleneck?? CJ128-2000 calorimeter standard is developed for heating dimension, measurement precision of the marketplace as a “3” meter, the heat number of 3-95 ; “2” meter, the temperature range of 2-95 , as the main air-conditioning standard temperature of 5 , just because the set up “2” reliability of dimension of heat meters within the central ac, 40per cent for the after error appears calorimeter remains the “qualified products”, that is demonstrably stratified calorimeter dimension of 20 users, 13 come in usage, can be expressed is not calculated, although technology sector identified within the table will always be “qualified” reasons. Don’t pay attention to a number of the vacuum cleaner temperature meter functional staff boast! If you don’t will come up with requirements higher than those on the basis of the temperature Meter temperature Meter CJ128-2000 criteria!

CFP sets central air conditioning expense Description:

CFP series main air cooling cost is a business involved with the main ac and application of metering and charging you the fruits, the company is pioneering the “effective” accounting concept as well as the “time-billing” way of crystallization

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